DIY Mini Cacti Gardens

I usually take the time to make some handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family. This year I decided to attempt mini cacti gardens. They were really simple, cheap to make and I was really satisfied with the results.


You'll need -
Clay pots (or old cans)
Arcylic paints
Foam brush
Sand paper
Cacti/Succulent soil
Mini Cacti (I found mine at a local nursery for $3 a piece and just divided them up amongst the pots)
Gardening gloves

I first washed each pot with soap and water to start with a clean surface. Then, painted the rims of each pot (I used two colors on some of them.) Let dry and then rub vigorously with the sand paper to create a washed/distressed look. I then filled the pots 1/4 full with rock and then with soil an inch or so to the top of the pot. I divided up some of the cacti so I could put a few different varieties in each pot (use gloves!). I still pricked myself plenty of times. Once the roots of the cacti were buried in the soil I placed a little more soil on top using a spoon. Lastly, I put some rock paths and clusters just for decoration. Water once a month in winter months and every couple weeks during warmer months. Also make sure the plants get plenty of light. Happy gardening!


Thanks to my sister, Kirsten for some of the photos above.