20/52 Brittany Mason

I decided to try my darndest to finish what I started 2 years ago. I'm going to finish my Portrait Series. Originally in January of 2014, I took images of friends, family, and interesting people I had met on vacations or traveling, wrote a little something about them, and posted it to my blog. I did this in hopes to improve my portrait skills and just meet new, interesting people in general.

That brings me to now. I took some images of some favorite and inspiring people before moving from Indianapolis. Here goes number 20 of 52 -

Brittany is an art director, people person, dog owner, go-getter, and Creative Mornings Indianapolis host. Brittany is nothing short of inspiring. She's the ultimate networker. She knows almost every creative mind in the 317 area code and she's not even 28. Thanks Brittany for being a friend, a fearless leader, and a lady to look up to.