28/52 Kelley Jordan Schuyler

Portrait number 28 is my friend Kelley. I snapped this when she was in Cleveland last week for a photo shoot. We grabbed breakfast and went for a walk along the Lake Erie shoreline.
Kelley is one of my favorite photographers. I had admired her work from afar for years before actually getting to meet her. Once we met and connected, we realized we're pretty damn similar, photo style and otherwise. I really owe a lot to her for allowing me to constantly pick her brain these past few months. One of my favorite photo projects (I think ever) are the farm stories she documented. Honestly, so beautiful, intriguing, and fun. If you do anything out of your normal routine today, check the farm stories out! Seriously. She really has this visual story telling thing down. She's such a kind, caring, talented, inspiring soul and am very lucky to have her in my life.