The Dusty Dogwood

The Dusty Dogwood is a jewelry shop owned and created by my friend Allison Litton. Allison was one of my very first friends when I initially moved to Indianapolis. She's been creating jewelry from fishing lures for a year now and has also been traveling around the midwest selling it. All of the items in this post can be purchased through Allison's shop, The Dusty Dogwood. So grateful that Allison asked me to shoot some of her items and that Lauren and Annika agreed to model it.

Grace Olivia Bedel

The story of little Grace is pretty amazing. Josh and Rachel recently adopted her from a strong young lady. I truly felt honored to be able to shoot and spend time with this wonderful family.

Redwall Portraits

I snapped these shortly after I joined the Redwall crew. We had an offsite day at the IMA and worked in the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion. I have grown quite fond of these folks in the past 4 months. You can learn more about Redwall, here.

Also, how adorable is Addy? 

The Community, San Salvador

This community is tucked in between two highways. You can actually see the mall from where we parked. We walked down and through sheet metal and cement wall homes, over kittens and scrawny chickens until we reached the cement structure where the children gather every Saturday morning. Love & Hope visits and brings teams to this community to do scripture lessons with the children, play games, and distribute lunch to the residents. I mostly just sat and observed while the team put on a puppet show and gave a scripture lesson. After the lesson was finished, lunch was distributed and games were played. We then walked around to the different doors and passed out dried rice and beans. Each resident seemed very grateful and humbled by the food and fellowship and honestly, so was I.
(Also, you'll notice that the children are dressed quite well and fashionably. This is thanks to living so close to the mall and other local clothing businesses. They receive clothing donations often.)

IMG_6575 3 copy.jpg