Sunset on Mount Sterling

These are some of the last photos I took on my backpacking trip this past weekend. I climbed to the top of Mount Sterling in the Smoky Mountains with friends Jess and Lauren. It was difficult, strenuous and exhausting. But, there's no doubt in my mind I would do it again. It was beautiful. The climb, the descent, all of it. 

Hiking in The Narrows

This was by far my favorite hike in Zion. We hiked up the Virgin River about 3 miles until we got to The Narrows. We then walked another mile upstream as the river got narrower and narrower. I kind of felt like I wasn't in Utah.

Down's Farm

Last weekend I took a two day trip to Athens, Ohio where my friends Betsy and Tiffany live. Tiffany's family owns a cattle farm a half hour from where she lives now. Tiffany was kind enough to take me there on Sunday morning, give me a tour, and answer my couple thousand questions.

Documenting Saturday Morning

I spent this past weekend with family near Waterford, Michigan. I woke up on Saturday morning to elegant snow sprinkling. My grandparents and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful snow and took a walk with my cousin's new dog, Roscoe. 

Drive-thru Safari Park

This drive-thru park in Port Clinton, Ohio was enter at your own risk. You could buy carrots and grain feed to give to the animals all while driving your car slowly through. There were alpacas, fallow deer, bison, elk, zebra, girafffes, and a camels. It was really exciting and sometimes frightening and didn't take away from the fact that these are wild animals. 

Annabelle & friends

My sister nannies for a family out near Chardon, Ohio. They live on a little farm and have a stable and board a handful of horses. I asked her if I could stop by on Friday to see the animals and spend some time where she works. Annabelle is their white goat that is super friendly and just had a little baby of her own. 

Traders Point Creamery

IMG_0060 copy.jpg

Traders Point is a local organic dairy farm in Indianapolis. They're the first USDA-certified organic dairy farm in Indiana. They offer cheese and ice cream in their local farm store and also have an ice cream parlor and full service restaurant that uses local produce from their farm and so many different cheeses. That said, I finally decided to take a gander at the farm and see what it's all about. 

Arches National Park

During a trip to move my good friend Erika to San Diego, we detoured to Arches National Park. This park was so many beautiful shades of red. I really wish I could have stayed all day and explored more. This park is definitely on my must go back list. I'm sure it's absolutely gorgeous at sundown.