31/52 Annika Larson

Hey it's Annika Larson. Fire cracker, artist, journalist, writer, straight up beautiful human. Annika and I met through an Instagram meet up a couple years ago and have been buddies ever since. Her witty sense of humor is appreciated by most. This lady has been such a sweet and supportive friend to me. Cheers to lovely supportive friends like Annika.

30/52 Allen Pieper

Allen Pieper. Maybe the most intellectual thinker I know? Yeah, probably so. This guy speaks his mind and speaks it well. He also has the ability to be the kindest and warmest soul there is. I can think on many occasions when Allen has given me the most sincere, direct compliments. That's pretty rare I feel. He's also one of the most talented designers/developers I had the pleasure of working with. You can see some of his excellent work, here. Basically a pretty bad ass human and I'm pretty lucky to have him as a friend.

29/52 Kerry Mitchell

Number 29, Kerry. One of my oldest friends and really like family. She has been part of my life for over 20 years now. That's kind of a crazy realization. There are not many people that I truly feel myself around but Kerry is one of them. We've gone on a handful of trips together, went to our first live show together in 8th grade, know how to do some pretty awesome a cappella harmonies, and used to be pretty decent at give-and-go on the basketball court. She's an amazing human being and we have some pretty awesome memories together. I'm pretty thrilled that I'll be seeing her more frequently.

28/52 Kelley Jordan Schuyler

Portrait number 28 is my friend Kelley. I snapped this when she was in Cleveland last week for a photo shoot. We grabbed breakfast and went for a walk along the Lake Erie shoreline.
Kelley is one of my favorite photographers. I had admired her work from afar for years before actually getting to meet her. Once we met and connected, we realized we're pretty damn similar, photo style and otherwise. I really owe a lot to her for allowing me to constantly pick her brain these past few months. One of my favorite photo projects (I think ever) are the farm stories she documented. Honestly, so beautiful, intriguing, and fun. If you do anything out of your normal routine today, check the farm stories out! Seriously. She really has this visual story telling thing down. She's such a kind, caring, talented, inspiring soul and am very lucky to have her in my life. 

26/52 Clara Doti

For my 26th portrait I'm featuring my beautiful friend Clara. Clara is an illustrator and graphic designer, owner of the best laugh, book lover, and easily has one of the best music tastes. She's introduced me to some of my favorite artists and albums. One being Father John Misty which we've seen twice together. Clara's another one that I used to see practically daily (especially when we shared a desk) and then after work I'd usually see her while on my bike or walking in my neighborhood. Really missing seeing her constantly. And really love this gal.

25/52 David Brainer

David Brainer. Such a wonderful human being. He's one of my best friends from Indianapolis and my house plant owner aspiration. Seriously, he has the most beautiful house plant stash! He was my neighbor when I lived in Old Northside but we originally met through mutual friends and always saw each other at networking events around the city. I loved bumping into him on the street walking my dog or riding my bike. Totally am missing those spontaneous encounters.

24/52 Michelle Pauly

I met Michelle when she contacted me blindly while searching for a photographer to partner with for her new parenting website. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I was moping about a job I had just lost and seeking out any and all opportunities. I ended up spending a decent amount of time with Michelle, Brandon, and their awesome daughter Emerson before moving to Cleveland. Super glad I did. Emmi is the sweetest bundle of energy. I'm really missing photographing her and just spending time with this family in general. You can keep up with them and see some of my photos on their site, here.

23/52 Amy McAdams Gonzales

Amy McAdams! An Indianapolis local celebrity. Or so I feel that way. This gal is talented beyond words that I have and has the warmest heart that made me feel like we'd been pals for years. I haven't known Amy personally for very long. But she reached out to me and helped pick me up when I needed a hardcore boost. And that really made a big impact on me.

Thanks again Amy. <3


22/52 Eric Rees

This guy! Honestly one of my most favorite people to photograph. Eric has the most genuine smile and laugh. And it shows. And better yet, he's actually like this all the time, without a camera in his face. He's one of the most caring and most reliable friends that I met the last two years I was living in Indianapolis. Always supportive, always willing to help. He's a talented writer now working at Lesson.ly and a way awesome volunteer editor in chief for Pattern Magazine

21/52 Sam Pullen

This is Sam! Goof-around, brother, teacher, pastor, loyal IndyProv member, and good friend of mine. I first met Sam through my friend Clara. When we orginially met he mentioned a church he was starting. I was instantly intrigued. I had been in Indianapolis for over 4 years and had yet to connect to and attend a regular service or meet up group. Church of Thomas was unlike any church I had attended in the past and ended up being a huge blessing in my life. Photographing Sam outside on his front porch is pretty appropriate. He's usually relaxing here on a warm day and I have spent many evenings on this front stoop, hanging and chatting. Pretty fond memories.

20/52 Brittany Mason

I decided to try my darndest to finish what I started 2 years ago. I'm going to finish my Portrait Series. Originally in January of 2014, I took images of friends, family, and interesting people I had met on vacations or traveling, wrote a little something about them, and posted it to my blog. I did this in hopes to improve my portrait skills and just meet new, interesting people in general.

That brings me to now. I took some images of some favorite and inspiring people before moving from Indianapolis. Here goes number 20 of 52 -

Brittany is an art director, people person, dog owner, go-getter, and Creative Mornings Indianapolis host. Brittany is nothing short of inspiring. She's the ultimate networker. She knows almost every creative mind in the 317 area code and she's not even 28. Thanks Brittany for being a friend, a fearless leader, and a lady to look up to.

19/52 Tommy Dant

This is Tommy James Dant. He's store owner and founder of "James Dant", a store for men in Indianapolis. I recently visited the shop during a shoot for a project my friends were a part of. Tommy graduated from college in 2013 with a praised business plan. This business plan became a reality and is now a beautiful store in the Irvington neighborhood in Indianapolis. He's inspiring, admirable, and beyond a hard worker. Visit the site, here.

17/52 Allen Shepard

This is Allen. A friend, husband, soon to be doctor, and musician. I originally met Allen while visiting my two friends at school about 8 years ago at ASU in Phoenix. We were all at a small gathering at a friends house. My good friend Erika ended up dating him shortly after that gathering and now have been wed for almost 7 years. Time really does fly. 

16/52 Chamba

Salvador (Chamba) arrived at Love & Hope Children’s home when he was just four months old. Right when I opened the door to the home, I met Chamba first, and this meeting coincided with a massive bear hug and a wet kiss. Just watching and observing him was pretty entertaining. His goofy personality is quite lovable. Chamba is quite the helper. Just say the word, and he is ready for instruction. He seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve, which usually makes for some fun and sweet interactions. 


I unfortunately don't know this man's name. I do however know that his friendly nature and willingness to be photographed was so kind. This was taken at the La Libertad fish market in El Salvador. He was scaling the fish so quickly and throughly. It was mesmerizing in a way. I can't wait to share more images from this trip.

14/52 Erika Shepard

This is one of my oldest friends, Erika. Her and I were in the same third grade class and have been friends throughout so many  years. She is a beautiful, radiant person inside and out. She's currently moving her life to San Diego with her husband and three cats. I envy her sense of adventure and positivity. I also can't wait to show you more photos of a couple session with Erika and her husband Allen. The light that evening was perfect.

13/52 Kara Sue Cutcher

For my thirteenth week I'm featuring a good friend of mine, Kara. I call her Kara Sue or Ksue. Kara and I have been close since high school and have kept up with each other since. I was actually able to see her and spend some time with her this past weekend at the wedding I shot. She's a dreamer, dog-lover, and snuggler. She's a special education teacher at a school near Cleveland at the moment. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends that care about me and support me daily, Kara is one of them.

12/52 Dawn Olsen

This is Dawn. She's a writer, photographer, and blogger. I originally met Dawn through blogging. She found my blog, left a few comments, and then soon after told me she was visiting Indianapolis and we should meet up. We did meet up and had super delicious Thai food. She eventually moved to Indy and we've met up here and there. Our meet ups usually involve photography, walking, and food. You can visit Dawn's blog here.


11/52 Tom Philibeck

This is Tom. He lives in the apartments next door to my building and have known him for a couple years now. His dog, Maggie is the sweetest bundle of energy. He was nice enough to let me join him for a walk behind our buildings yesterday. You can see those pictures here.  Tom is a super talented designer and illustrator. He's also one of the most outgoing and friendliest people I've met since moving to Indianapolis. You can see some of his work, here.