The Dusty Dogwood

The Dusty Dogwood is a jewelry shop owned and created by my friend Allison Litton. Allison was one of my very first friends when I initially moved to Indianapolis. She's been creating jewelry from fishing lures for a year now and has also been traveling around the midwest selling it. All of the items in this post can be purchased through Allison's shop, The Dusty Dogwood. So grateful that Allison asked me to shoot some of her items and that Lauren and Annika agreed to model it.

Traders Point Creamery

IMG_0060 copy.jpg

Traders Point is a local organic dairy farm in Indianapolis. They're the first USDA-certified organic dairy farm in Indiana. They offer cheese and ice cream in their local farm store and also have an ice cream parlor and full service restaurant that uses local produce from their farm and so many different cheeses. That said, I finally decided to take a gander at the farm and see what it's all about. 

Indy Ice Tree

It's actual name is Veal's Ice Tree. I saw a photo of it posted on Violet's instagram and instantly wanted to see it up close. I love quirky, handcrafted local things like this. The tree has been around since 1961. It was originally created when the Veal family was spraying a mist of water on the hill south of the house to make an ice slide onto the pond. A strong wind blew the spray onto some of the bushes. The result was so beautiful that the family sprayed water directly onto the bushes and the ice tree was the result. They color it with food coloring mixed with water and spray the colored water on the tree with a garden sprayer. The tree is about 40 feet tall. Kinda neat huh?


Back at the Greenhouse

I really love visiting this greenhouse. It's a breath of fresh air from all of this snow and cold weather, especially seeing so much green and even lemon and orange trees. I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's day. Love to you reader. <3

Exploring in Lockerbie

This past Saturday afternoon I met up with some other Indy locals for a photo meetup in Lockerbie. Lockerbie is a quaint little neighborhood in Indianapolis. There are lots of old buildings and architecture and neat alleyways. Despite it snowing nonstop and not being able to feel my toes, I had a really great time.