Flying on an Ultralight Trike

This past weekend my coworker Jason invited me and my coworkers to fly on his Dad's ultralight. It was a pretty awesome evening. I was able to have the last ride of the night which made for some lovely photos at dusk.

Down's Farm

Last weekend I took a two day trip to Athens, Ohio where my friends Betsy and Tiffany live. Tiffany's family owns a cattle farm a half hour from where she lives now. Tiffany was kind enough to take me there on Sunday morning, give me a tour, and answer my couple thousand questions.

Documenting Saturday Morning

I spent this past weekend with family near Waterford, Michigan. I woke up on Saturday morning to elegant snow sprinkling. My grandparents and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful snow and took a walk with my cousin's new dog, Roscoe. 

New Home

It's been a little quiet here. Having just moved and going through some tough life adjustments, I hope you all understand. I hope to jump back into my photo journal and switch my attention back to a love of mine, photography.