Feeding Llamas

At the venue, the Hawkesdene House in North Carolina, where Demee and Andrew got married this past weekend, they had four very friendly llamas. Well, they were friendly when they knew food was around. What a funny animal! I combined some of my photos and made a goofy gif which you can see here.

Foothills of the Smokeys


These were all taken off of Route 129 in North Carolina. I was on my way to shoot friends, Demee and Andrews wedding and couldn't help but stop at this lookout point. Route 129 is a winding road through the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. It was so pretty and really fun to drive through. It also seems to be a popular road for sport bike motorcycles since the road has super sharp turns and hills.

Something Warm

This is an older photo. I took this in early December when I was in Phoenix visiting my friend Jess. We went to the desert botanical gardens the afternoon before I left. The crazy part was going from short sleeves and sweating to a winter coat and freezing. The flight is only 4 hours so the climate change from afternoon to night was pretty crazy. I'm definitely missing the short sleeves today. This winter has been pretty brutal in the midwest. I can't wait for hikes, sunshine, and brews on the stoop. I know, I know. It will be here soon enough.

Indy Ice Tree

It's actual name is Veal's Ice Tree. I saw a photo of it posted on Violet's instagram and instantly wanted to see it up close. I love quirky, handcrafted local things like this. The tree has been around since 1961. It was originally created when the Veal family was spraying a mist of water on the hill south of the house to make an ice slide onto the pond. A strong wind blew the spray onto some of the bushes. The result was so beautiful that the family sprayed water directly onto the bushes and the ice tree was the result. They color it with food coloring mixed with water and spray the colored water on the tree with a garden sprayer. The tree is about 40 feet tall. Kinda neat huh?


Belated : McSorley's Old Ale House

I visited this place early December. It's in East Village, NYC and it's the oldest continuously operating bar in New York City. You have your choice of light or dark beer only and each beer order comes in two small beer mugs. The floor is covered in sawdust and the walls are covered floor to ceiling in old pictures and memorabilia. Women were just allowed access to the bar in the 1970s, kind of crazy. Regardless, I really liked this bar and its super simplistic menu.

Brooklyn Bridge


I really enjoyed this walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Visiting with friends this weekend in New York City was just what the doctor ordered. Or, so I felt. It was nice to get away and experience the vibrant city life. My feet were smidgen sore after this day.


Desert at Sunset

IMG_9853 copy.jpg

I had mentioned to Jess that I wanted to take some photos and see the Phoenix sunset while I was there. The day I arrived, I passed out very early and the day we went to Sedona, we drove back later then we planned. We ended up just pulling off on a random exit and ended up on a dead end road. I got out, snapped a few, walked around, and then got back in the car for the rest of the hour drive back to Phoenix. We both got a kick out of "poke way". 

IMG_9803 copy.jpg
IMG_9850 copy.jpg
IMG_9820 copy.jpg
IMG_9835 copy.jpg
IMG_9843 copy.jpg
IMG_9841 copy.jpg
IMG_9833 copy.jpg
IMG_9849 copy.jpg

Hiking Cathedral Rock

IMG_9720 copy.jpg

One of my best friends lives in Phoenix. I have been wanting to visit to spend some time with her and see her life in Arizona. I finally got the opportunity to this past weekend. On Saturday morning we made the trip north to Sedona to hike Cathedral Rock. It was quite the strenuous hike but the making it to the top made it worth it. 

IMG_9699 copy.jpg
IMG_9768 copy.jpg
IMG_9743 copy.jpg
IMG_9793 copy.jpg
IMG_9780 copy.jpg
IMG_9710 copy.jpg