El Boquerón

These are pictures near the El Boquerón (also known as the San Salvador Volcano) lookout. We went late morning one day and walked along the many trails which gave you different views of the crater. A small stray cat followed us most for most of our short trip around the lookout points.  El Boquerón has a cool temperate climate year round, which was a nice relief from the humidity. There were also a few little berry stands that were selling these huge bowls for a dollar each. I absolutely got one. They were so delicious.

El Tunco

IMG_7087 copy.jpg

This surfer beach town is right on the Pacific Ocean. I was able to spend a night here at a hostel. I loved how quaint it was. There were many little restaurants, cafes, and shops. 

Feeding Llamas

At the venue, the Hawkesdene House in North Carolina, where Demee and Andrew got married this past weekend, they had four very friendly llamas. Well, they were friendly when they knew food was around. What a funny animal! I combined some of my photos and made a goofy gif which you can see here.

Foothills of the Smokeys


These were all taken off of Route 129 in North Carolina. I was on my way to shoot friends, Demee and Andrews wedding and couldn't help but stop at this lookout point. Route 129 is a winding road through the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. It was so pretty and really fun to drive through. It also seems to be a popular road for sport bike motorcycles since the road has super sharp turns and hills.

Something Warm

This is an older photo. I took this in early December when I was in Phoenix visiting my friend Jess. We went to the desert botanical gardens the afternoon before I left. The crazy part was going from short sleeves and sweating to a winter coat and freezing. The flight is only 4 hours so the climate change from afternoon to night was pretty crazy. I'm definitely missing the short sleeves today. This winter has been pretty brutal in the midwest. I can't wait for hikes, sunshine, and brews on the stoop. I know, I know. It will be here soon enough.

Back at the Greenhouse

I really love visiting this greenhouse. It's a breath of fresh air from all of this snow and cold weather, especially seeing so much green and even lemon and orange trees. I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's day. Love to you reader. <3

Wintry Mix


I have been spending time at my parents recently and the snow hasn't stopped since I arrived on Friday. I made those birdseed ornaments in the photo above and am thinking of doing a tutorial later this week. They're really simple to make and the birds have been feasting all weekend. Abu has turned in to quite the snow kitty since being a strictly outdoor cat.


Out and about in Chagrin Falls


Downtown Chagrin Falls is about twenty-five minutes from where I grew up. I really love all of the quaint little shops and restaurants. While we were walking around on Friday after Thanksgiving, there were crews busily setting up lights and bows. 


Indy Igers Meet-up at Eagle Creek

IMG_0474 copy.jpg
IMG_0500 copy.jpg

This was my first time at an Instagram Meet-up. We met at the crack of dawn at Eagle Creek Park on the northwest side of Indianapolis. The reservoir at the park serves as a water source for most of Indy. I met so many creatives on Saturday and am super excited to stay connected. 

IMG_0419 copy.jpg
IMG_0495 copy.jpg
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IMG_0576 copy.jpg

Hike on My Lunch Break

IMG_0379 copy.jpg
IMG_0381 copy.jpg
IMG_0388 copy.jpg
IMG_0396 copy.jpg
IMG_0383 copy.jpg
IMG_0390 copy.jpg
IMG_0401 copy.jpg
IMG_0393 copy.jpg
IMG_0397 copy.jpg

There's a nature park very close to my work. I've been there a few times and decided today was a great opportunity to go back. All of the leaves are off the trees, the air was super brisk, and the light was so vibrant. Bonus: I found a wooly bear!

Hiking Cathedral Rock

IMG_9720 copy.jpg

One of my best friends lives in Phoenix. I have been wanting to visit to spend some time with her and see her life in Arizona. I finally got the opportunity to this past weekend. On Saturday morning we made the trip north to Sedona to hike Cathedral Rock. It was quite the strenuous hike but the making it to the top made it worth it. 

IMG_9699 copy.jpg
IMG_9768 copy.jpg
IMG_9743 copy.jpg
IMG_9793 copy.jpg
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