The Dusty Dogwood

The Dusty Dogwood is a jewelry shop owned and created by my friend Allison Litton. Allison was one of my very first friends when I initially moved to Indianapolis. She's been creating jewelry from fishing lures for a year now and has also been traveling around the midwest selling it. All of the items in this post can be purchased through Allison's shop, The Dusty Dogwood. So grateful that Allison asked me to shoot some of her items and that Lauren and Annika agreed to model it.

Grace Olivia Bedel

The story of little Grace is pretty amazing. Josh and Rachel recently adopted her from a strong young lady. I truly felt honored to be able to shoot and spend time with this wonderful family.

Redwall Portraits

I snapped these shortly after I joined the Redwall crew. We had an offsite day at the IMA and worked in the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion. I have grown quite fond of these folks in the past 4 months. You can learn more about Redwall, here.

Also, how adorable is Addy? 

The Community, San Salvador

This community is tucked in between two highways. You can actually see the mall from where we parked. We walked down and through sheet metal and cement wall homes, over kittens and scrawny chickens until we reached the cement structure where the children gather every Saturday morning. Love & Hope visits and brings teams to this community to do scripture lessons with the children, play games, and distribute lunch to the residents. I mostly just sat and observed while the team put on a puppet show and gave a scripture lesson. After the lesson was finished, lunch was distributed and games were played. We then walked around to the different doors and passed out dried rice and beans. Each resident seemed very grateful and humbled by the food and fellowship and honestly, so was I.
(Also, you'll notice that the children are dressed quite well and fashionably. This is thanks to living so close to the mall and other local clothing businesses. They receive clothing donations often.)

IMG_6575 3 copy.jpg

Erika & Allen

These are my good friends, Erika & Allen. This evening the light was nothing shy of perfect. We went to Holden Arboretum in my Ohio hometown. I was home over Easter weekend and so were Erika and Allen. We were able to take advantage of the time and light and get some pretty great shots. 



I unfortunately don't know this man's name. I do however know that his friendly nature and willingness to be photographed was so kind. This was taken at the La Libertad fish market in El Salvador. He was scaling the fish so quickly and throughly. It was mesmerizing in a way. I can't wait to share more images from this trip.

Paola & Arturo Get Married | Indianapolis, Indiana


This wedding was so special and beautiful. It was at the Sheraton in downtown Indianapolis which overlooks monument circle. It was such an awesome view. The ceremony was in Spanish and even though I didn't understand a word, just seeing the reflection of love in their faces made me realize why I love photographing these moments.

13/52 Kara Sue Cutcher

For my thirteenth week I'm featuring a good friend of mine, Kara. I call her Kara Sue or Ksue. Kara and I have been close since high school and have kept up with each other since. I was actually able to see her and spend some time with her this past weekend at the wedding I shot. She's a dreamer, dog-lover, and snuggler. She's a special education teacher at a school near Cleveland at the moment. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends that care about me and support me daily, Kara is one of them.

12/52 Dawn Olsen

This is Dawn. She's a writer, photographer, and blogger. I originally met Dawn through blogging. She found my blog, left a few comments, and then soon after told me she was visiting Indianapolis and we should meet up. We did meet up and had super delicious Thai food. She eventually moved to Indy and we've met up here and there. Our meet ups usually involve photography, walking, and food. You can visit Dawn's blog here.


11/52 Tom Philibeck

This is Tom. He lives in the apartments next door to my building and have known him for a couple years now. His dog, Maggie is the sweetest bundle of energy. He was nice enough to let me join him for a walk behind our buildings yesterday. You can see those pictures here.  Tom is a super talented designer and illustrator. He's also one of the most outgoing and friendliest people I've met since moving to Indianapolis. You can see some of his work, here.

10/52 Kirsten Zimmerman

This is my older sister Kirsten. She currently lives in El Salvador and works as an Education Director for Love & Hope Children's Home. Love & Hope Children's Home was created after outreach work in a nearby garbage dump discovered several children that had no where else to live. Since that time, they have provided food, shelter, safety, education, and love to over 30 children. I am super proud of her and absolutely love that she's able to help those in need. I do miss her though. I only see her twice a year, if that. I'm always looking up to her as she sets a wonderful, humble example of a child of God. Love you, Wierst.

9/52 Joan Shaw

For my ninth week I'm featuring my Grandma, Joan. She's the most giving person. She's always helping other people and offering her time to others. She has been organizing a week every year in the summer where my family on my Mom's side gets together. We call it Cousin's Camp. Honestly, I am so grateful for this week. I always have a wonderful time and I truly value the time we have together. This year we're camping in the Lake Erie Islands. I'm also lucky to have my Grandparents as roommates while growing up. Our homes are adjoined. I don't even think about it anymore. It's always comforting knowing that when I go home, I can see my Grandparents too. But really, how special is that?