This page encompasses all of my updates while hiking the Appalachian Trail. It is comprised of photos via Instagram and journal entries via The Trek. You can read why I’m doing this and what it means to me, here.




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Mile 2075.4 - Mile 2189.8

Mile 2091.1

This morning I entered the 100 wilderness. I can’t believe I’m here. I mean, I can but this is the last week before Katahdin. I’ll be finished in a week. 

I packed 5 days worth of food. My parents sent me a food resupply. I’m so glad because the options in the small town of Monson aren’t great and super expensive. I’ll be hiking 18 mile days the first two days and then closer to 22 mile days the last three.

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Mile 1891.8 - Mile 2075.3

Mile 1905.8

Today was pretty rough. I left the hostel in the rain and the rain didn't stop all day.

The boards that go over the bogs are getting worse. I wonder if this Northern NH section just isn't cared for as much since it's not part of The Whites. Most of the boards I went over today were either broken or submerged. I assume maybe they're submerged because of the rain. 

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Mile 1747.8 - Mile 1891.7

After I left the pizza place in Hanover and I started walking up the mountain to tent at the shelter. As I was walking up I ran into a couple and their nephew who were day hiking back to their home. They asked if I had plenty of water because the shelter source wasn’t good.

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Mile 1565.9 - Mile 1747.7

This morning I walked 2.5 to the town of Dalton, MA. I headed straight for the coffee shop for a breakfast sandwich, muffin, and a coffee.

While I was sitting there, publishing a new blog post, I ran into a couple friends I hadn’t seen in a bit. We ended up going down the street to a tavern for lunch.

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